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Hitoki - The Trident - Rose Gold
Hitoki - The Trident - Rose Gold
Hitoki - The Trident - Rose Gold
Hitoki - The Trident - Rose Gold

Hitoki - The Trident - Rose Gold

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Hitoki - The Trident

By combining a classic ritual with modern tech, Hitoki proudly introduces the first clean laser combustion smoking device. The Trident's patent-pending laser system was designed for the ultimate smoking experience that features a modern minimalist design that is meant to be displayed. Elevate your sessions with lasers for a uniquely satisfying experience as you view the Tridents laser beam in action. After using the Trident's laser system you will feel like you're already on Mars.

Clean Flavourful Instant Hits

The Trident combines the experience of cleaner, smoother, and flavourful draws of vaporizing and the more elevated effects of combustion to give you the best of both worlds.

The Laser Experience

By utilizing pure light energy Hitoki has designed a device that works like a classic ritual of using pure sunlight focused with a magnifying glass to achieve a chemical butane free experience that does not enter your lungs or alter the flavour of your flower.

FDA Standard Safe

Designed with a special laser shield that lets you safely view the mesmerizing effects of laser ignitions.


  • Aircraft grade aluminum exterior
  • Carb button
  • Removable ceramic loading chamber
  • Integrated water filter
  • 280+ uses per charge
  • LED power level indicator
  • Fast charging USB-C